The Best of Andamans: Top Islands and What You Should Try There

Best Time to Visit Andaman & Nicobar

Best Time to Visit Andaman & Nicobar

A land which is heavily specked with mangrove trees, a beautiful coastline separating the sun-kissed beaches from the sparkling turquoise waters promising amazing diving adventures, this far-flung location of Andaman and Nicobar Islands gives you all of these – a perfect dream vacation if you’re looking for a domestic Hawaiian experience.

However, out of all the 572 island cluster present there, only a handful of them are open to tourists. We’ve picked the top islands accessible to people that you should visit at least once in your life. Here are the wonderful land-water miracles…

Port Blair

This is the capital of Andaman and for a good reason- for it captures the heart and soul of the islands. Cellular Jail National Memorial is perhaps the best attraction here. It used to prison Indian freedom fighters earlier and now is a significant historical piece.

Talking about its landscape, its picturesque environment is commendable. Covered densely in tropical forests and outlined with a rather rigged coastline, this island would give you plenty of photo-ops with its remarkable coral reefs as an added bonus. The weather, for the most part, is moist and hot but that wouldn’t be too unpleasant. Just pack a good sun protection lotion and you’re good to go. A fulfilling holiday experience is guaranteed amidst its myriads of alluring beaches.

Port-Blair Places to visit
Best for: Honeymooners, adventure enthusiasts, and families
Must-try Activities: Banana boat ride, sea walking, scuba diving, and parasailing
Best time to Visit: It is the entire year but the core summer and winter months (October to May) are exceptionally good for trying water activities. The summers are undoubtedly warm but won’t be hot enough to discourage you from going out.

Havelock Island

Situated a few km north-east of Port Blair, Havelock is the Andaman to many. Drawing maximum tourists with different faces every year, this is the most popular among the Island family in the Indian ocean. Adorned with lovely white sand beaches and rain-fed forests, it is an ideal vacation down the south. Popular among the tourist itinerary are Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Vijaynagar Beach and Kalapather (don’t forget to find the cave in the cliff face for amazing ocean views).

best time to visit havelock island

Best for: The soothing ambiance is perfect for honeymooners
Must-try Activities: Sunbathing, beach combing, sea walk, scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, game fishing, swimming, bird-watching, watching the sunset or sunrise, trekking, kayaking and sailing
Best time to Visit: October to February is best suited since the temperature swings between 15 ⁰C and 34 ⁰C, which is neither too hot or cold.

Neil Island

This scenic island too lies to the north-eastern side of the Andaman capital. Popularly known as Andaman’s vegetable bowl, because of the prevalent farming practices there, this island impresses with its vast azure sea spread, complemented well with the verdant forest cover. Its exquisite settings act as a perfect backdrop for watching the sun glide up and down the horizons. The beachside is perfect to let loose and enjoy the cool breeze while reading your favourite book and sipping some coconut water. The corals and reefs there are simply amazing. There are a number of beaches we would recommend: Lakshmanpur-I & II, Bharatpur, Sir Hugh Rose Island and Sitapur.

Neil island attractions

Best for: Visits with friends and family
Must-try Activities: Game Fishing, Glass Bottom Boating, Snorkelling and Swimming (best to try at Sitapur beach) and Scuba diving (best to try at Laxmanpur beach-I)
Best time to Visit: Due to its tropical climate, the best time to visit is from October to May. This is the best time for water sports activities and sightseeing. However, January also makes for a nice time to go there. It hosts Island Tourism Festival at that time which brings to the light the vegetable show, flower show, handicraft stalls and many other attractions. Subhas Chandra Bose Mela also takes place in January to celebrate his birth anniversary.

Long Island

Perhaps the most developed island of the Andaman’s, Long island pleasantly surprises you with having its own power house, senior secondary school, wireless facilities, bank, boat building yard, hospital and even a police outpost. In short, it is a modern village endowed with exquisite settings. Fascinating caves, wonderful beaches, and lush hills are all rolled into these islands. The island also has a thick cover of Evergreen forests and Tidal Swamp forests. One of the top beaches here is silvery beach of Lalaji Bay which has lovely sand beaches. Do not miss the boat cruise here which takes you through the Mangrove Creek. Another popular beach is the Merk Bay Beach where you will find the blue water contrasting the white sands in the most beautiful way possible and Guitar island should be on your itinerary too, only for the dramatic reason it is in the shape of a guitar.

Long Island Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Best for: Couple or Family visits
Must-try Activities: Snorkelling, sighting dolphins, and bird watching are best to do at Merk Bay Beach, while Guitar Island is best suited for sunbathing and relaxation. Shopping in Rangat Bazaar should also be on your to-do-list.
Best time to Visit: Weather is free of humidity and pleasant during the months between October and March.

Even if you are not an expert at swimming, don’t worry your tour won’t be ruined as the beaches in themselves are a giant rejuvenation zone!

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