10 DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

With just a few days left for Valentine’s Day, why not be little different this time? Must be bored of roses and chocolates, right? These gift options have become so very old and out-dated. Why not make this years’ Valentine’s Day all the more exciting and innovative by some unique DIY ideas? I am sure your partner will be all the more happy not only to celebrate the day in a unique manner with a lovely crafted gift, but also to see this new creative avatar of yours.

Presenting below some unique DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Heart shape photo collage: Collect some lovely photographs of your partner. Take a thick coloured chart paper and cut a large heart shape out of it. Now fill the empty heart space with photographs of your partner. If you want, you can also frame it. You can wrap it properly with presentation paper and gift it to your partner on the special day. Another way to display this gift is to place the collage in such a way that it is the first thing your partner sets his or her eyes on.

Regular biscuit jar with love notes: This is one of the most apt gifts for your husband/lover on Valentine’s Day. I am sure most people start their day with a morning cup of tea, some biscuits and the newspaper. Surprise your beloved by putting some love notes in the biscuit jar instead of the regular biscuits. While being engrossed reading the newspaper and putting his hand inside the jar to take out the biscuits, he will be pleasantly surprised to see the wonderful love notes that you have written for him.

Heart shaped tea bags: Take construction paper and trace out two hearts. Cut the hearts and join them using needle and thread, with a space kept open for putting in loose tea. Once the loose tea is filled and spread evenly, join the ends, tie a knot and pull the string through the tea bag to the desired length and cut the remainder of the string. Your heart shaped tea bag is ready. Surprise your loved one by brewing a cup of tea filled with love. A big surprise for him with his morning cup of tea when he finds the heart shaped tea bag. A simple DIY romantic idea for your partner.

Glass jar with a romantic letter: Another lovely gift option is to decorate an empty jar with ribbons, beads, felt hearts, spray paint and other decorative items. Fill the jar with a romantic letter. Place this on the breakfast table and let him read the letter that you had specially written for him.

A small notebook with reasons why you love your partner: There are many things which you appreciate in your partner, but fail to express it. On this Valentine’s Day, make your partner realise how special he or she is for you with this DIY lovely love notebook. Take some tiny pieces of white paper and cut it into equal sizes. Now join these pages using a glue stick. Next make a hardcover using thick cardboard paper. Decorate it. Now, write using coloured pens the reasons why you love him or her, one reason for each page.  Your small love notebook is ready.

A complete secluded romantic date at your own home: This is one of a kind of experience which I believe everyone will love. Going out for movie and lunch is so very common. So do something unique on the Valentine’s Day. Invite your partner to your home. If you are married, make sure to send the kids to their grandparents’ home. Transform the room into a lovely romantic room. Dim the lights of the room. Turn off your cell phones. Watch a movie together in the comforts of your home. Collect everything you’ll need in the room and make yourself and your partner feel comfortable. Get yummy movie snacks and cold drinks. Bring some extra pillows on your couch. Once the movie is over, don’t go anywhere else for lunch or dinner. Get some food ordered from outside and have a lovely romantic meal together. And, if you want, you can cook something special for your partner. Isn’t this Valentine Idea wonderful? You get to spend some quality time with your partner, just two of you and no one else.

Let’s get slightly naughty: Surprise your partner this Valentine with some naughty yet cute gestures. Make small notes of different tasks that you want your partner to do for you or vice versa. These tasks can include kissing, hugging, cooking a sumptuous dish, making love, holding hands, cuddling, massage, romantic talks and so on. Put these notes in a glass jar and ask your partner to take one note, one at a time. And accordingly, do the task as mentioned. Very romantic, isn’it? But, yes, for this too, you will require a space where there is no disturbance at all.

Songs with romantic dialogues in your own voice: On this Valentine’s Day, when your partner leaves for office, give him a CD with romantic songs or his favourite songs and ask him to play it on the way. You must be wondering what is so unique about it? Well, this CD is not the regular song CDs that you get in the market. Instead, you have to create the CD with his favourite numbers and after the end of each song, record your voice with some lovely dialogues of your own or romantic dialogues from movies. I am sure, while listening to his favourite song, when he gets to hear your voice in between, he will be pleasantly surprised.

Flowers with notes: Gifting flowers is very common. But how to make it different? Take a bunch of flowers and on each stem of the flower, attach a note for your partner. These notes can be reasons for loving your partner, your partner’s good qualities or pre-planned dates for the entire year to do something that your partner would enjoy.

Heart-shaped candies and chocolates: Gifting heart shaped chocolates and candies is nothing new. But since we are talking of something unique and different, let’s make this common gift slightly uncommon this special day. How? Simple. Just hide these little heart candies and chocolates in your partner’s coat, laptop bag, shoes, car, etc. The best part is that he won’t get to know when and where these little candies will pop out.


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