Mysore Art and Handicrafts

Mysore Art and Handicrafts reflects the rich heritage and cultural aura of the city which includes a diversified range of aspects like paintings, yoga and silk textiles. Derived from the past centuries the arena of arts in Mysore speaks of the maharajas who developed the tradition of paintings, architecture, poetry and other creative works in the place.

The tradition of Mysore yoga is one of the oldest ones in India. Being practiced by many a notable figures, the ashanas involved in the yoga of Mysore are known to have a soothing effect on the mind and body. A kind of meditation the yoga postures of Mysore imbibe a fresh source of life and enthusiasm into the inner-self of the people.

Mysore Silk Sarees are considered as an integral part of the arts and crafts of the city. The specialty of Mysore silk lies in the gold lacing which is done on the two edges of the saree. The government silk weaving factory of Mysore city is famous for producing finest of sarees in multi-hued variations.

Mysore Painting/ Mysore Gold leaf Painting is an excellent manifestation of the artistic splendor of the place. This kind of painting is primarily based on religious themes and is found in the various shrines of the city.

The folk art of Mysore is yet another enticing and distinctive identity of the city which includes the rare and precious artifacts that are made in the rural corners. There is a folk art museum in Mysore which possesses a commendable collection of specimen belonging to the folk art clan of Karnataka.

In a nutshell, Mysore art and handicrafts showcases an enthralling combination of unique and awe-inspiring range of creative craftsmanship of the place.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011