Mysore Yoga

A unique way to relieve oneself from the stress and strains of daily mundane life, the Mysore yoga rejuvenates the body, mind and soul with fresh bout of energy and vigor. A traditional method of retaining youthful exuberance, yoga and meditation are an integral part of the regular lifestyle of the local inhabitants of Mysore.

Yoga Culture in Mysore

The yoga culture in Mysore represents the rich tradition that has percolated to the modern era from the ancient times. The ancient city of Mysore boasts of several schools that impart training in yoga and mediation. The city attracts many Indian and foreign students from far and wide who enroll themselves as students of the school and take classes in the Yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation provide the students with added enthusiasm and energy. The Mysore- style ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes are taught by experienced and veteran professionals from the field. lass="intnl_heading"> Mysore Art and Handicrafts