Folk Art of Mysore

Folk Art of Mysore belong to the rich variety of the traditional folklores and folk arts of Karnataka. The region in and around Mysore has its own traditional forms of art. Both the performing arts like music, dance, drama and puppet shows and the fine arts and sculptures like Gold leaf Painting, wood and stone carving of Mysore are very popular all over India.

The traditional folk arts of Mysore are performed during the festive seasons like Dussera. Some of the popular folk arts that have become integral parts of the Dussera celebrations and processions are:

  • Somanakunitha
  • Bessu Kamsale
  • Yasksghagana
These folk arts speak volume of their tradition and acknowledging the importance of the traditional arts, the Mysore University has established a Folk arts museum to preserve the handicrafts and artifacts of the various folk arts of Karnataka. The University of Mysore has also introduced a course of study in Folk Art forms.

There are different forms of traditional handicrafts in Mysore that are extremely famous throughout India. These are:

  • Stone Carvings
  • Wood Carvings
  • Paintings
  • Making of incense sticks or Agarbathies
  • Ganjifa paintings - a kind of miniature painting
  • Gold leaf Painting
These kinds of folk arts have been there from time immemorial, enriching the traditional folk arts and folk lores of the region of Mysore and Karnataka. The artisans have expertized the art of producing the handicrafts and artifacts that are extremely popular in Mysore. Tourists should make it a point to collect some masterpieces of the Mysore folk arts while in Mysore.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011