Mysore to Biligiri Rangana Hills

The picturesque Mysore city, famed for its panoramic vistas, architectural edifices and age-old history is one of India's much coveted tourist destinations. A visit to this splendid historic city is more enriching for tourists opting for a quick getaway from the city. In fact the weekend trip from Mysore to Biligiri Rangana Hills or B.R.Hills has attracted legions of aficionados who keep returning to the city for more.

The Biligiri Rangana Hills are ideal retreat for all nature lovers. Primarily famed for the ancient temples perched atop the high hills, the B.R. Hills is also the proud owner of a small wildlife sanctuary. Sited at a distance of 120 km from Mysore City, the Billigiri Rangana hills are juxtaposed between the Cauvery and Kapila Rivers. The hills are moored at an elevation of 5, 091 feet above sea level and stretches across an expanse of 16kms. The jungle-clad foothills also house elephants.

The moderately sized sanctuary covers a generous expanse of 550 sq. km and offers refuge to deer, porcupines, sloth bears, bison,sloth bears and elephants. The sanctuary's claim to fame also rests in the 250 variegated and merrily twittering species of birds that it possesses. Crested Hawk Eagle, Racket Trailed Drongo and Paradise Flycatcher are some of the avifauna species that are sheltered in the sanctuary.

An arduous 150 step climb takes tourists to the entrance of the temple that enshrines the revered Biligiri Rangaswamy. The architecture follows the traditional Dravidian style and a well maintained guest house is located in its premises to provide accommodation.

In short, the sojourn from Mysore to Biligiri Rangana Hills opens up a treasure trove of tourist delights.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011