Mysore to Shivasamudram

The pretty as a picture Mysore city is shrouded in history and still bears telltale symbols of Tipu Sultan's former days of glory. The South Indian city is one of India's much coveted tourist destinations and the adventurous excursions from Mysore are a rage with tourists. The regular tours from Mysore to Shivasamudram, where the celebrated second largest waterfalls in the Indian subcontinent are located takes travelers across some of the the country's best scenic rhapsodies.

The Shivasamudram or the Shivanasamudram waterfalls are the nation's second largest waterfalls and the sixteenth largest in the world. What makes the Shivasamudram Falls unique and makes it stand apart from its counterparts is the fact that the waterfall is a splendid agglomeration of the cascades of the western Gaganachukki and the eastern Bharachukki falls, sited one kn apart and formed by the branching of the Cauvery River.

The waterfall, with an impressive height of 300-350 feet has its source in Karnataka's Mandya District. The waterfall's strategic location, at a distance of 65 km from Mysore facilitates the trip from Mysore to Shivasamudram . The driving and torrential downpours that flood the Cauvery basin as well as the Kapila River augment the scenic beauty of the paradise. A 2 km walk through fields of lush greenery from Shivasamudram bus stop called Bluff leads to the site of the waterfall. A tall watchtower towering against the sky provides a bird's eye view of the surrounding panoramic vistas. It is also possible to witness the spectacular scene of the river plunges into a magnificent cascade whose ripples create hoary ambiance. A group of primordial shrines, housed in the premises of the waterfalls add to the charm of the place.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011