Mysuru (Mysore) to Somnathpur Temple

The beautiful Mysore city, famed for its glorious past finds ample mention in the chronicles of history. An ever popular tourist destination, the city is flooded with tourists throughout the year. The various fun filled excursions from Mysore to other South Indian thoroughfares are also a rage with tourists. In fact, the sojourn from Mysore to Somnathpur Temple has attracted legions of aficionados who keep returning to the city.

The charming bucolic surroundings of Somanathapur village sited at a distance of 35 km is famed for its stunning Hoysala temple consecrated to the venerable Prasanna Chennakeshava. There are three temples enshrined within the premises of the star shaped temple that are dedicated to the revered Prasanna Chennakeshava and Lord Janardhana and Venugopala, two different incarnations of Lord Vishnu.