Mysore to Srirangapattanam

The picturesque Mysore city, famed for its panoramic vistas, architectural edifices and age-old history is one of India's much coveted tourist destinations. The excursions from Mysore are a fun filled weekend package that adds a dash of spice to the regular itinerary. One of the most popular sojourns is the Mysore to Srirangapattanam tour, for which myriads of tourists sign up.

Sited at a distance of 15 km from Mysore city, the historical Srirangapattanam town hugs the coast of the Cauvery River. The island town was the capital of Tipu Sultan's kingdom and represents nature at its best. Juxtaposed between the confluence of the two segments of the Cauvery River, near the Ganjam village, Srirangapattanam is famed for ithe being a part of the kingdom of a long chain of powerful Mysore potentates . It was at Srirangapattanam that the tumultuous battle between Tipu Sultan and the British ensued. A number of crenelated forts and fortresses surrounded by moats and ditches, rampart palaces and ornate temples are a testimony of the glorious days Tipu Sultan's rule.

The other major tourist attractions that make the trip from Mysore to Srirangapattanam more fruitful include the venerable and impressive Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple and the beautifully tended Darya Daulat, the beautiful rambling gardens of Tipu Sultan's sprawling summer palace. The majestic estate is swarming with tourists throughout the year who are mesmerized by the fascinating paintings and the vibrant blooms that adorn the gardens. Ganjam, tiny hamlet sited at the outskirts of Srirangapattanam is another popular tourist destination famed for the revered Nimishamba Temple that is sited on the coast of the Cauvery River. Gumbaz, the famed burial ground of Tipu Sultan and his ancestors are also housed in the village.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011