Kabini River Lodge

The picturesque Mysore city is famed for its natural splendor, age-old history, long line of powerful emperors and architectural landmarks. An ever popular tourist destination, the excursions from Mysore are a rage with tourists. Amongst the numerous tourist attractions dotting the landscape of Mysore, the Kabini River Lodge holds a special place.

Sited in the southern extremity of the Nagarhole National Park, Kabini River Lodge is the ideal retreat where tourists can enjoy a lazy weekend in the tranquil quietude. The oasis of idyllic green, located on the banks of the meandering Kabini River is ranked amongst the top notch wildlife resorts in the world. The river lodge happens to be the hunting grounds of the former Maharajah of Mysore.

Kabini River Lodge's claim to fame rests in the fact that the wildlife resort offers refuge to innumerable elephants. In fact, it is hardly surprising to be greeted by scores of herds while traveling through the wilderness.
The resort is also famed for organizing large scale elephant trapping measures, locally known as 'khedda'. However, with government adopting stringent measures to preserve wildlife, all poaching activities have come to a halt. On luckier days, tourists can also catch a glimpse of the familiar tawny stripes on the hide of the tiger.

The sylvan landscape, the glittering pools, gleaming like a mirage of quicksilver under the nimble movements of the diamonds of the playful saffron sunbeams, the merry twitter of the birds and the occasional trumpets of the wild elephants, echoing across large distances personifies the natural wonders that Kabini River Lodge, a beacon of wildlife tourism in India holds before the mesmerized tourists.

In fact, Kabini Tourist Lodge falls under one of the most popular excursions from Mysore.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011