Marbat in Nagpur

Marbat in Nagpur is observed mainly in the Nagpur City. The exclusive festival of Nagpur district is celebrated with full zest and to add fervor to the cheerful environment, the people of this area organize various events such as dance, drama, etc.

The main reason behind celebrating Marbat at Nagpur is to protect the city from the attack of the vicious spirits. During this festival they pray to their gods to save them from becoming prey to the evil spirits.

During the festival of Marbat in Nagpur, people construct statues of evil spirits and then take out a huge rally. These rallies can be found in every part of Nagpur district. After the statues are taken through all the areas, they are burnt in the presence of the people of the area. This burning ritual commemorates the end of the harmful forces.

Marbat of Nagpur is counted amongst one of the most important festivals of Nagpur. The festivity marks the end of the malicious forces and the beginning of a new safe and peaceful life. People are very enthusiastic about celebrating this festival.

Special preparations start all across the district days before the actual time of celebration. Women involve themselves in dusting their houses, cooking special dishes, etc. Men get busy with collecting funds for celebrating the festival. They also ensure timely construction of statues of devils. Moreover, people order new clothes, ornaments, etc, to celebrate the event.

If you are planning to visit Nagpur district, then be a witness to this fun filled festival. Moreover, Marbat in Nagpur offers you an opportunity to get an outlook of the living style, culture and traditions of the people there.

Last Updated on 6 September 2011