Ramjanam in Nagpur

Ramjanam in Nagpur is observed to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Rama. It is one of the most popular festivals of Nagpur celebrated with much fanfare and gusto. The main attraction of this festival of Ramjanam of Nagpur is the unity among the people which is showcased during the whole ceremony. People from all religions participate with full exuberance in the celebrations.

During the festival of Ramjanam at Nagpur, a procession is carried out from the Ram Mandir to the other important parts of the city. The procession is carried out on a chariot in which the idol of Lord Rama is placed and he is taken out almost all across the city so as to bless every citizen. By the end of the day, the rally terminates at the same venue from where it started i.e., Ram Mandir.

On the day of the procession, i.e., the day when Ramjanam in Nagpur is celebrated, around 2 lakh people gather on both side of the road during the procession. People get out of their houses and stand outside on the road from where the chariot is supposed to pass. They stand on both sides of the road to have a glimpse of Lord Rama.

The procession starts with cultural events organized by the local people there. Youngsters in their traditional attire skate around the place while young girls and boys perform various traditional dances there. The whole ambiance of the festival of Ramjanam in Nagpur is very exciting and cheerful. The aroma of the flowers and the incense sticks fill the air around and make you feel as if you have entered a divine land. The procession is followed by trucks carrying pictures and paintings that depict the life of Lord Rama.

Last Updated on 6 September 2011