Capital of Odisha

Bhubaneswar city is the capital of Odisha. Commonly referred to as the Temple city, Bhubaneswar bears relics to the rich religious history and traditional heritage of the state. An important cultural and industrial nerve center of Odisha, Bhubaneswar is easily connected by well laid railway tracks, good roads and air.

The temple city of Bhubaneswar draws several tourists from far and wide. Bhubaneswar has many places of tourist interests. Some of the notable tourist destinations of the capital city are:
  • Dhauli- Located at a short distance of 10 km from Bhubaneswar, Dhauli is renowned for the rock edicts of the mighty ruler, Ashoka

  • Lingaraj Temple- One of the revered religious shrines of Bhubaneswar, Lingaraj Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva who is symbolized through the natural Linga

  • Khandagiri Hills- The Khandagiri Hills reflects the rich religious ancestry of the region. The Jain monks of the ancient times used to live in the caves of the hills of Khandagiri

  • Rajarani Temple- The Rajarani temple of Bhubaneswar reflects the rich architectural grandeur of the bygone era

  • Mukteshwar Temple- The Mukteshwar Temple houses beautiful statutes of female figures and of animals that reflect the development of art and craft of th ancient times

The modern city of Bhubaneswar attracts several investors. The proliferation of industries has added to the social and economic well being of Bhubaneswar. One of the architecturally and systematically planned cities of India, Bhubaneswar is equipped with modern infrastructural amenities and speaks volumes on the economic, social and political development about Odisha.

Last Updated on : 30th March 2013