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Puducherry Ashram

Located in Pondicherry in South India, Pondicherry Ashram or Sri Aurobindo Ashram, established by Mother in 1926 is the main focus of a large number of spiritual seekers almost over 1500 from various part of this world. The Pondicherry Ashram follows the practice of Integral Yoga which everyone could do following the spiritual methods he liked to. Membership is open throughout the year and no training is required for membership.

Pondicherry Ashram constitutes more than 80 departments which work without remuneration to serve mankind. The revenues earned while selling the items made in these departments help to sustain the Pondicherry Ashram. Main departments of Pondicherry Ashram include:
  • Art Gallery
  • Ashram Library
  • Bureau Control
  • Auto Care Services
  • Photo Selection
  • Publication Department
  • Hand Made Paper Factory
  • Cottage Resturant and its Annex
  • Medical Care
  • Reception Service
  • Prosperity
  • Sabda
  • Ashram Weaving Departments
  • Mother's Embriodery Departments
  • Batik Section
  • Auroform and Aurofurn
  • Marbling Group
  • Hablik Handweaving
  • Fleurs En Flacon
  • Cottage Industries
  • Aurosikha Agarbathies
  • Ayurvedic Section
  • Harpagon Workshop
  • Harpagon Wood Working Department
Pondicherry Ashram has an education centre called Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education which has excelled in research and experimental tasks. Some of the subjects are English,French, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Music, Applied Sciences, Geography, Painting etc.

The main attraction of Pondicherry for tourists is the Pondicherry Ashram. The Pondicherry Ashram provides accommodation facility which can be booked before arrival. Meals are also available in the ashram. Conducted tours are organized in Sri Aurobindo Ashram to see :
  • various parts of the ashram
  • the Pondicherry town
  • Auroville township
Sri Aurobindo Autocare Services provides transportation to tourists from and to Pondicherry and to Pondicherry Ashram and Auroville township. Autocare Services can be booked through their websites.

For the people who want to understand the true meaning of seva and spirituality, Pondicherry Ashram is the right place !

Last Updated on 30 May 2013