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Government of Pondicherry

Puducherry administers various operational sectors of the Union Territory. Ranging from agriculture to industry, education to labour, art and culture to tourism, the government of Pondicherry possesses an individual department for each of the fields.

Pondicherry Chief Minister

Appointed as the Hon'ble Puducherry Chief Minister, Thiru N Rangasamy was nominated as a member of the Puducherry Legislative assembly. From town and country planning, revenue and excise, home affairs, public works, planning and finance to general administration, co-operative societies, science, technology and environment, confidential and cabinet and civil supplies and consumer affairs, the Chief Minister of Puducherry efficiently handles all these sections.

Since each of the above mentioned departments contributes significantly towards the growth of Puducherry as a whole, hence, the prime aim of Puducherry Chief Minister is to upgrade and enhance the potential of all the government segments.

Be it allocation of necessary fund or be it the establishment of a particular industrial unit, the Chief Minister of Puducherry, always tries his level best to implement best of the initiatives that can have a positive effect on the all-round development of the Union Territory.

Pondicherry Legislature

Puducherry Legislature comprises of a legislative assembly which houses a total of 30 members at present. During the winter and budget sessions, the legislative assembly is fully operational. A range of issues relating to various government sectors are raised in the two sessions of the legislative assembly.

The legislature of Puducherry has certain rules and regulations following which the legislative assembly of this Union Territory has been formed. The time period for which the legislative assembly remains operational is five years. After five years, the term of the legislative assembly in Puducherry automatically gets terminated.

The Puducherry legislature authorizes some responsible and politically knowledgeable personalities to handle the affairs which are dealt within the budget and winter sessions of the legislative assembly. Being unicameral in nature, it consists of only one single legislative body within its government framework.

A. K. Singh is the hon'ble Lt. Governor of the Union Territory who acts as its nominal head.

Lok Sabha Constituencies Pondicherry

There is only one Lok Sabha constituency in Puducherry. Known by the name of Puducherry constituency, this Lok Sabha constituency envelops the entire region of the Union Territory. It is represented by many a parties that are genuinely interested in changing the socio-political scenario of the Union Territory.

Assembly Constituencies Pondicherry

Assembly constituencies of Puducherry are located in various significant parts of this Union Territory of India. There are 30 Assembly constituencies in Puducherry all of which are strategically situated in different corners of the Union Territory.

The names of the places where the assembly constituencies of Puducherry are located include Bussy, Muthialpet, Oupalam, Cassicade, Nellithope, Raj Bhavan, Ariankuppam, Orleampeth, Embalom (SC), Modeliarpeth, Nettapakkam, Lawspet, Kuruvinatham, Reddiapalayam, Ozhukarai, Ossudu (SC), Bahour (SC), Villenour, Thattanchavady, Mannadipeth, Yanam, Cotchery, Palloor, Karaikal, Mahe, Tirunallar, Karaikal South, Neduncadu (SC), Thiruvubanai (SC) and Neravy-Grand'Aldee.

Every constituency in Puducherry provides affiliation to various political parties. Members belonging to different national and state-level parties can contest the election by representing their own political preference.

The assembly constituencies of Puducherry symbolize the organized strata of the political structure of the Union Territory.

Puducherry National Political Parties

Puducherry national political parties strive to form a strong political base in the Union Territory of India. Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress are the two leading national parties that have immense influence in the Union Territory of Puducherry.

mmunist Party of India
  • All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
  • Bharatiya Janata Party
  • Pattali Makkal Katchi
  • Lok Jan Shakti Party
  • Communist Party of India ( Marxist)
  • Buddhiviveki Vikas Party
  • Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

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