Pondicherry Telephone Codes

Pondicherry information acts as a ready reckoner if one wants any information on a particular thing, at a glance, while in Pondicherry.

It is the outcome of processing, controlling and organizing data and instruction in a particular way that helps to add to the knowledge of the user. The pattern and representation of such informations depend on the demand of the user. The informations on Pondicherry sometimes use data that can be defined as a collection of facts from where a conclusion is to be drawn and evaluated.

One may require Pondicherry information to contact telephone numbers for immediate help. The numbers are often toll - free numbers that also help the service providers attract more business from those who call. They sometimes offer access to information, advice or even customer service through the telephone call. However, they cater to requests on need and should not be confused with call centers.

Pondicherry telephone codes or the Subscriber trunk dialing (STD) codes of Pondicherry allow subscribers to dial direct calls when calling from somewhere outside Pondicherry. These long distance calls are national calls and charge extra than those made from local telephone units. The relevant city code or area code is to be prefixed before calling the individual number.

Due to advanced telecommunication system , it has been possible to call from as far as Jammu and Kashmir or may be from a remote place of Arunachal Pradesh to Pondicherry. It is now just a few digits away from listening to the voice of your loved ones. The Pondicherry telephone codes allow direct access to the personal numbers, without the hassles of operators in between that was in practice in the time of trunk calls. Now life is more easy with improved communication.

The Telephones Codes in Pondicherry are:
  • Pondicherry 0413
  • Karaikal 04368
  • Mahe 0497


Helpline is a telephone service that offers information, provides assistance and advice and even customer service via telephone calls.

Famous helplines in Pondicherry include Child Help Line, Women Help Line and Tsunami Help Line. The helplines sometimes also provide request for services and document complaints. The child line, women line, teen line and such age based target lines also provide counseling, and assistance in rehabilitation.

The Union territory of Pondicherry has been affected by the Tsunami of December 2004. This resulted in innumerable deaths and left thousands homeless. The Pondicherry helpline for those affected by Tsunami is still in operation for the effect of the disaster still lives.
  • Police 100
  • Fire 101
  • Ambulance 102
  • Women Help Line 1091
  • Child Help Line 1098
  • Natural Disaster 1071 AND 1077
  • Tsunami Helpline 2334144
  • Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner Office: 2334144

Last Updated on 17th January 2013