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Sikkim Assembly Election Results 2014

Sikkim By-Election Results September 16, 2014


Cons. No.Assembly ConsistuencyWinnerSexPartyVoteRunner up SexPartyVoteVote Margin
15Rangang-YangangRup Narayan ChamlingMIND4788Kumari MangerFSDF4080708

Sikkim Vidhan Sabha Election Results

*Map showing Sikkim Election 2014 Results. Disclaimer

State Lead+Win Second Lead+Win
Sikkim (32)SDF 22SKM 10
Sikkim General Elections 2014 Result Summary

The Sikkim Legislative Assembly Elections were held simultaneously along with the Lok Sabha Elections.

The Lok Sabha seat for 2014 has been retained by the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) candidate, Prem Das Rai. The ex-IIT Kanpur and ex-IIM-Ahmedabad graduate won the 2009 Lok Sabha elections by 85,000 votes defeating the Congress candidate, Kharanada Upreti.

In 2014, he has retained the seat by defeating his closest rival, Tek Nath Dhakal of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) who polled 121956 votes.

The Legislative Assembly Election results for 2014 are as follows:

Total Seats: 32
  • Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF): 22 seats
  • Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM): 10 seats
The partywise vote share break-up is:
  • SDF: 55.0% votes;Total votes: 169986
  • SKM: 40.8% votes;Total votes: 126,024
  • INC: 1.4% votes;Total votes: 4390
  • BJP: 0.7% votes;Total votes: 2280
  • IND: 0.4% votes;Total votes: 1227
  • AITC: 0.2% votes;Total votes: 586
  • NOTA: 1.4% votes;Total votes: 4460

A total of 368,948 voters have made their choice by voting the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) to retain the office for the fifth consecutive time. Only three parties i.e. SDF, SKM and the Congress had put up candidates to fight all assembly seats. The campaign for SDF was led by the sitting Chief Minister and President, Pawan Chamling, who focused on peace, prosperity and development.

Prem Singh Golay of SKM, has been accusing Pawan Chamling of corruption and has been highlighting the same in all his public speeches.

Given the recent instances of violence in the state, Pawan Chamling accused the SKM for instigating violence and disturbing the peace in a state known for its quiet and natural beauty. He retained his seat from Namchi-Singhithang by defeating his nearest rival Milan Rai of SKM, by 1084 votes.

Winners of some key Constituencies are:
  • Arithang: Shyam Pradhan, SKM: 4026 votes
  • Barfung: Dorjee Dazom Bhutia, SDF: 6639 votes
  • Chujachen: Bikram Pradhan, SDF: 7836 votes
  • Daramdin: Danorbu Sherpa, SDF: 6250 votes
  • Djongu: Sonam Gyatso Lepcha, SDF: 4618 votes
  • Gangtok: Pintso Chopel, SKM: 4208 votes
  • Gnathang-machong: Dorjee TSH. Lepcha, SDF: 5017 votes
  • Maneybung-dentam: Narendra Kumar Subba, SDF: 7737 votes
  • Martum Rumtek: Mechung Bhutia, SKM: 6055 votes
  • Melli: Tulshi Devi Rai, SDF: 7655 votes

  Sikkim Assembly Result 2014 (Constituency-Wise)  
ConstituencyConst. No.Leading CandidateLeading PartyTrailing CandidateTrailing PartyMargin
Yoksam-tashiding1SONAM DADUL BHUTIASikkim Democratic FrontTHUTOP BHUTIASikkim Krantikari Morcha4218
Yangthang2CHANDRA MAYA LIMBOO (SUBBA)Sikkim Democratic FrontKHARKA BDR. SUBBASikkim Krantikari Morcha1639
Maneybung-dentam3NARENDRA KUMAR SUBBASikkim Democratic FrontBIRBAL TAMLINGSikkim Krantikari Morcha5218
Gyalshing-barnyak4SHER BAHADUR SUBEDISikkim Democratic FrontLOK NATH SHARMASikkim Krantikari Morcha639
Rinchenpong5KARMA SONAM LEPCHASikkim Democratic FrontPEMA KINZANG BHUTIASikkim Krantikari Morcha4456
Daramdin6DANORBU SHERPASikkim Democratic FrontMINGMA NORBU SHERPASikkim Krantikari Morcha1604
Soreong-chakung7RAM BAHADUR LIMBOO (SUBBA)Sikkim Democratic FrontBHARATI SHARMASikkim Krantikari Morcha1929
Salghari-zoom8ARJUN KUMAR GHATANISikkim Democratic FrontBHANU PRATAP RASAILYSikkim Krantikari Morcha779
Barfung9DORJEE DAZOM BHUTIASikkim Democratic FrontPEMA WANGYAL BHUTIASikkim Krantikari Morcha3179
Poklok-kamrang10KEDAR NATH RAISikkim Democratic FrontBHOJ RAJ RAISikkim Krantikari Morcha4671
Namchi-singhithang11PAWAN CHAMLINGSikkim Democratic FrontMILAN RAISikkim Krantikari Morcha1084
Melli12TULSHI DEVI RAISikkim Democratic FrontPREM BAHADUR KARKISikkim Krantikari Morcha4249
Namthang-rateypani13TILU GURUNGSikkim Democratic FrontPREM SINGH TAMANGSikkim Krantikari Morcha1155
Temi-namphing14GARJAMAN GURUNGSikkim Democratic FrontLALIT SHARMASikkim Krantikari Morcha1389
Rangang-yangang15PAWAN CHAMLINGSikkim Democratic FrontBIKASH BASNETSikkim Krantikari Morcha3142
Tumen-lingi16UGEN T. GYATSO BHUTIASikkim Democratic FrontNIDUP TSHERING LEPCHASikkim Krantikari Morcha3192
Khamdong-singtam17SOM NATH POUDYALSikkim Democratic FrontMANI KUMAR SHARMASikkim Krantikari Morcha270
West pendam18GOPAL BARAILYSikkim Krantikari MorchaK. K. THATALSikkim Democratic Front920
Rhenock19HEMENDRA ADHIKARISikkim Krantikari MorchaBHIM PRASAD DHUNGELSikkim Democratic Front954
Chujachen20BIKRAM PRADHANSikkim Democratic FrontKHARGA BAHADUR GURUNGSikkim Krantikari Morcha3411
Gnathang-machong21DORJEE TSH. LEPCHASikkim Democratic FrontSONAM DORJEESikkim Krantikari Morcha1916
Namcheybung22BEK BAHADUR RAISikkim Democratic FrontDILIP RAISikkim Krantikari Morcha622
Shyari23KUNGA NIMA LEPCHASikkim Krantikari MorchaKARMA TEMPO NAMGYAL GYALTSENSikkim Democratic Front736
Martam-rumtek24MECHUNG BHUTIASikkim Krantikari MorchaMENLOM LEPCHASikkim Democratic Front479
Upper tadong25TIMOTHY WILLIAM BASNETTSikkim Krantikari MorchaBHASKER BASNETTSikkim Democratic Front122
Arithang26SHYAM PRADHANSikkim Krantikari MorchaUDAI LAMASikkim Democratic Front1606
Gangtok27PINTSO CHOPELSikkim Krantikari MorchaHISHEY LACHUNGPASikkim Democratic Front1891
Upper burtuk28PREM SINGH TAMANGSikkim Krantikari MorchaD. R. THAPASikkim Democratic Front573
Kabi lungchuk29UGEN NEDUP BHUTIASikkim Krantikari MorchaTHENLAY TSHERING BHUTIASikkim Democratic Front126
Djongu30SONAM GYATSO LEPCHASikkim Democratic FrontDAWA TSHERING LEPCHASikkim Krantikari Morcha2175
Lachen mangan31TSHERING WANGDI LEPCHASikkim Democratic FrontSAMDUP LEPCHASikkim Krantikari Morcha557
Sangha32SONAM LAMASikkim Krantikari MorchaPALDEN LACHUNGPASikkim Democratic Front125

  Sikkim Election Results 2009 Constituency Wise  
Constituency No.Constituency NameWinning CandidateParty
1Yoksam-Tashiding (BL)Dawcho LepchaSDF
2Yangthang Prem Lall SubbaSDF
3Maneybung-Dentam Chandra Maya SubbaSDF
4Gyalshing-Barnyak Man Bahadur DahalSDF
5Rinchenpong (BL)Dawa NorbutakarpaSDF
6Daramdin (BL)Tenzi SherpaSDF
7Soreong-Chakung Ran Bahadur SubbaSDF
8Salghari-Zoom (SC)Madan CinturySDF
9Barfung (BL)Sonam Gyatso BhutiaSDF
10Poklok-Kamrang Pawan ChamlingSDF
11Namchi-Singhithang Pawan ChamlingSDF
12Melli Tulshi Devi RaiSDF
13Namthang-Rateypani Tilu GurungSDF
14Temi-Namphing Bedu Singh PanthSDF
15Rangang-Yangang Chandra Bdr KarkiSDF
16Tumen-Lingi (BL)Ugent Gyatso BhutiaSDF
17Khamdong-Singtam Am Prasad SharmaSDF
18West Pendam (SC)Neeru SewaSDF
19Rhenock Bhim Prasad DhungelSDF
20Chujachen Puran Kr. GurungSDF
21Gnathang-Machong (BL)L.M. LepchaSDF
22Namcheybung Bek Bdr. RaiSDF
23Shyari (BL)Karmatempo Namgyal GyaltsenSDF
24Martam-Rumtek (BL)Menlom LepchaSDF
25Uppertadong Dil BahadurthapaSDF
26Arithang Narendra Kr. PradhanSDF
27Gangtok (BL)Dorjee Namgyal BhutiaSDF
28Upper Burtuk Prem SinghtamangSDF
29Kabi Lungchuk (BL)Thenlaytshering BhutiaSDF
30Djongu (BL)Sonam Gyatso LepchaSDF
31Lachen Mangan (BL)Tshering Wangdi LepchaSDF
32Sangha Phetooktsh. BhutiaSDF

Sikkim Election Results 2009 (Summary)
Party NameSeats
Sikkim Democratic Front32

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