Thanjavur to Kumbakonam

A trip from Thanjavur to Kumbakonam is one of the most well known excursions from the place. Many tourists from across the country of India make a tour to Kumbakonam once they are in Thanjavur. This place is of special importance to all the people of the country who have faith in the religion of Hinduism.

A journey to Kumbakonam promises a lot of entertainment as this place is one of the most ancient towns of the state of Tamil Nadu. One of the main attractions of the Kumbakonam town is the celebrations that are held on the occasion of the festival called the Mahamaham festival. The festival of Mahamaham is celebrated only once in every 12 years at the Mahamaham tank, which is situated in the central region of the town.

The tourist interest in the town of Kumbakonam is, to a great extent, due to its glorious history. This place used to be the capital during the rule of the Chola rulers as early as the 7th century.

Kumbakonam is well known as one of the most reputed temple towns of the southern part of India. Some of the most well known temples that are located at this place are Adi Kumbheswarar Temple, Someswarar Temple and Nageswara Swami Temple. All these temples are of immense value to the Hindu devotees, who come to visit the temples.

The fascinating natural beauty of the place adds to the attraction of the place. This region is situated in between the two famous rivers called the Arasalar river and the Cauvery river.

Last Updated on 06 December 2011