Thanjavur to Thiruvaiyaru

A tour from Thanjavur to Thiruvaiyaru is one of the most well known excursions that are often planned by the tourists who visit the tourist destination of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. Thiruvaiyaru is well connected with Thanjavur town and hence, the tourists can easily visit this place from there.

The word 'thiruvaiyaru' literally means 'five holy rivers'. The town is called so as it is watered by five rivers, which flow within a distance of 5 kms in the town. The names of these five rivers are Vadavar, Cauvery, Vettar, Vennar and Kudamurutti. This town is one of the holiest places of Tamil Nadu and is often compared with Baranasi.

According to popular belief, if one breathes his or her last at this place then he attains salvation. One of the main attractions of the place is the Panchanathiswara temple, which is visited by many pilgrims from across the country. In fact, it is believed to be the oldest of all the seven shrines called the “sapthasthanams”. The other Sapthasthanams are Thiruppanthuruthi, Kandiyur, Thirupazhanam, Thillaisthanam, Thiruvedhikudi and Thiruchotruthurai.

A major attraction of a trip to Thiruvaiyaru is the music festival that is organized on the bank of River Cauvery. A number of reputed musicians from across the country come here to take part in the festival.

There is a Poondi Matha Shrine in the Alamelupuram Poondi village in between the two places of Grand Anaicut Main Road and Thiruvaiyaru. This shrine is a pilgrim spot of international repute. A festival is organized at this shrine from the 6th to the 15th of the month of March.

Last Updated on 06 December 2011