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National Park India
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*Map showing the location of National Parks in India. Disclaimer

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National parks in INDIA

The maps to represent the national parks in India help us to known the unknown treasures of wildlife hidden in the sanctuaries all around India. The maps help to get to the right location and the right state to visit the national parks in India. India's first national park was Jim Corbett National Park established in 1936 and now there are more than 166 authorized national parks.The Kaziranga National Park in Sikkim is extremely famous for its Rhinos. The forest and wild life sanctuary areas, which fall on the borders of states, are protected for security reasons. The maps of the national park can help to identify the wildlife sanctuary in every state. There are five major national parks, which can help you get a closer encounter of any kind of wildlife.

Corbett National Park

India's one of the first and well-known national park for tigers, Corbett Park is located in Uttarakhand. The park had a large area, which is divided, into five zones. The maps about the park can help you to go around safely and without getting lost inside the forest. First zone, Jhirna, is open to public all around the year and other zones are closed during monsoon. The elephant safari's inside the park are exciting and gives a close and safe trip inside the dense preservatory. There are cabins inside the forest and the reserve around the Dhikala zone is best spots to enjoy wildlife.

Kanha National Park

It is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It's a dense and rich area of bamboo forests .It has beautiful lakes, running streams and wide grasslands. It is a large park and known for research and conservation programs to preserve many endangered species like white tiger, hippos. The maps at the information center can guide you to the nearest safari, cabins, lakes and locations around the park.

Bandhavgarh National Park

It is located in Madhya Pradesh, is best for its scenic surrounding and highest population of tigers than any other parks in India. The maps for the forest help you to get through the dense and eye capturing valleys and beautiful rocky terrain and an ancient fort. The way to the forest is quite difficult without a map or a local guide but its one of the best location to spot tigers and a variety of birds and wildlife.

Ranthombore National Park:

It is located in Eastern Rajasthan at the junction between the Aravali Hill ranges and the Vindhyan plateau. The maps available in the information center guide you through the forest and 10th century fort amidst the cliffs .It serves as a rich heritage of various plants and animal's .It has a huge number of tigers.

Sunderban National Park

Sunderbans in West Bengal is a dense mangrove forest which is unique and magnificent place to visit .It includes 54 island and extends to the near-by Bangladesh .It is a wide swamp which can be explored only using boats .its a refuge for migrating birds and a reserve for rare and preserved wildlife .The maps are significant in guiding you through these forest.

Last Updated on : 05 April 2013

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