Mukurthi National Park, Tamil Nadu

Location of Mukurthi National Park, Tamil Nadu

Facts and Information about Mukurthi National Park

State:Tamil Nadu
Address:Pykara, O' Valley, Tamil Nadu – 643237
Lat Long:11.428020, 76.560394
Establish :2001
Area (in km2): 78.46
Entry Fees:Entry Fee for Adults : 15 Rs.
Entry fee for Children above 5 to 12yrs : 10 Rs.
Entry fee for Students : 2 Rs. - 10 Rs.
*Entry is free upto 5 yrs. Children.
Closing Day:No
Nearest Railway Station :Ooty Railway Station
Nearest Airport:Coimbatore Airport
Nearest Hotel :Green Park Resorts
Phone Number (Offical):0423 244 4098

Last Updated on : June 18, 2021

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