Kalai Power Private Limited

One of the major Reliance Power subsidiary Kalai Power Private Limited is set up in Arunachal Pradesh to undertake the hydroelectric power project that is based on the Lohit River. The project will be completed by March 2016.

One of the major Reliance Power subsidiary Kalai Power Private Limited has been set up to develop a 1,200 MW hydroelectric power project. The Lohit River in Kumblung, Arunachal Pradesh has been selected as the site of this project undertaken Kalai Power Private Limited. Reliance has also presented a bid which includes several terms and conditions that have to be followed for undertaking this project.

The Bid presented by REL:

According to the terms and conditions of the bid if GOAP pays Rs.111.60 crore before the initiation of the project they would be provided with free supply 18% of the whole energy produced. 24.99% equity stake will be used to develop this project by Reliance Energy Limited. REL will also contribute Rs. 0.03/ KW for generating power in the local area. KPPL will be given the responsibility of this project as soon as the bid of REL gets sanctioned by GOAP.

Targets of the Project:

This project will cost Rs. 7,295. 53% PLF is the project target of KPPL. KPPL has set a target to complete this project by March 2016. The power generated in this project is supposed to be sold to GOAP. However if GOAP and KPPL does not come to a mutual agreement for a PPA, KPPL will sell the whole power to customers out of the state.

Incorporated on 26th September 2007 Kalai Power Private Limited will be proved to be beneficial for the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

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