Arunachal Pradesh Arts and Crafts

Arunachal Pradesh arts and crafts are exquisite and varied. The range of the arts and crafts of Arunachal Pradesh is huge from carpet and cloth weaving to wood carving, from mask making to wonderful cane and bamboo objects. The various tribes of the state are absolute masters in producing various objects of arts and crafts in Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh arts and crafts can be divided into three zones of production.

The Buddhist Zone

Arunachal Pradesh arts and crafts include wonderful artifacts made by the members of the Buddhist community in the state. Weaving is the specialty of these tribes. Carpets, clothes and various other objects of great worth are made by the members of these tribes in exquisite color schemes. The colors are usually bright and the patterns are repetitive geometric shapes. The wonderful masks are another wonderful art of these people. These masks serve both decorative and significant ritualistic purposes.

The Central Zone

Art and Craft at Arunachal Pradesh that are produced in the central region of the state are also unique in their appeal. This is the area where the wonderful bamboo and cane objects of Arunachal Pradesh are made that are popular all across the world. The cane objects and the bamboo objects can be utility objects like hats and baskets, they can also be purely decorative in purpose. All in all, the bamboo and cane objects can be said to be the highlight of Arunachal Pradesh arts and crafts.

The Southeastern Zone

Wood carving is the specialty of the Southeastern region of Arunachal Pradesh. Art and crafts in Arunachal Pradesh from this region of the state, feature not only wood carving but also exquisite ornament making and stone carving as well. Apart from the carving on the wood, the paper extracted out of the wood are also used for making various art objects, that is a significant part of Arunachal Pradesh arts and crafts.

Last Updated on: 09 March 2013