Arunachal Pradesh Language

An entire caboodle of tribes are permanently housed in the state of and they have all evolved a conspicuous dialects that distinguishes them from the rest of the tribes. The most frequently spoken languages in Arunachal Pradesh include:

  • Dafla
  • Adi Gallong
  • Mishri
  • Nocte
  • Monpa
  • Aka
  • Khamti
  • Nishi
  • Wancho and
  • Tagin
All these dialects have been developed by the members of the tribes who who have been living there for many years. Amongst the languages of Arunachal Pradesh, the language known as Adi is chiefly spoken by the individuals of the Adi tribe. The individuals of this particular tribe reside in the magniloquent knolls of the Himalayas. A considerable portion of their population is also scattered across the venues which are regarded as Dibang Valley, Siang and Upper Subansiri.

Nishi is also included in the most common languages across Arunachal Pradesh. They inhabit the region that lies immediately below the venue regarded as the bottom part of Subansiri, eastern fringe of Kameng and Papum Pare.

Amongst the most common languages at Arunachal Pradesh, Monpa is widely spoken by the members of the ethnic group regarded as Monpa. There are many more languages from Arunachal Pradesh which have virtually become the identity of the state.

Last Updated on 09 March 2013