Elliot's Beach, Chennai

The Elliot's Beach located at Besant Nagar is 60 kilometers away from Chennai. The Elliot's Beach near Chennai is a well known destination for people who seek relief from the crowded metropolitan life of the Chennai.

Elliot's Beach is popularly known as ‘Bessie'. Elliot's Beach is set in a tranquil and clean surrounding. Elliot's Beach near Chennai is much tidier than the Marina Beach and has a wide choice of restaurants and fast food joints for you to enjoy while viewing the sea waves. You can see a great many car parking space few yards away from the Elliot's Beach in Chennai.

Elliot's Beach is situated to the south of the Marina beach where you can spend hours by relaxing and bathing in the sun. You can even make sand palaces or simply stroll about on the beach. You will easily reach Elliot's Beach of Chennai by well maintained transport system. Nowadays, the Elliot's Beach has become a popular hangout for the young generation. Elliot's Beach is also a favorite haunt of foreigners where they can peacefully take their sun bath.

In Elliot's Beach, you will see a line of eateries or restaurants, few yards from the sandy coast. Here is the name of some popular restaurants in the Elliot's Beach at Chennai:
  • Ponnuswamy restaurant
  • Karaikudi restaurant
  • Lee's Chinese restaurant
  • The New Shangri La, a Malaysian restaurant
Apart from the sandy beach, the place has some tourists attractions set in the vicinity of Elliot's Beach at Chennai. They are Ashtalakshmi temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and the 20 years old Velanganni Church.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011