Top B Pharma Institutes in Warangal

Location Map of Top Pharmacy Colleges in Warangal

Top Pharmacy Colleges in Warangal

College NameAddressPhone No Website
BALAJI INSTITUTE OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCESLaknepally (V), Narsampet (M), Warangal (D) - 506331, Andhra Pradesh+91 9866050044
CARE COLLEGE OF PHARMACYOglapur (vill), Atmakur (Mandal) , WARANGAL - 506 006, Andhra Pradesh+91-0870- 3203543
CHAITANYA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY EDUCATION & RESEARCHKishanpura, HANAMKONDA, WARANGAL - 506 001, Andhra Pradesh+91-870-2552555, 2555355, 2555055
Jangaon Institute Of Pharmaceutical SciencesYeshwanthapur, Jangaon- 506167. Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh91-08716-320370
Jayamukhi College Of PharmacyNarsampet, Warangal-506332, Andhra Pradesh08718-222568, 222570 Fax: 08718-222569
Kakatiya UniversityWarangal, Andhra Pradesh
S.R. College of PharmacyAnanthasagar, Hasanparthy, Warangal - 506371, Andhra Pradesh+91 - 870 - 2818337, 2818336
Sri Shivani College Of PharmacyNational Highway 202, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh 506006 ‎
St.Peter's Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences2-4-1211, Vidya Nagar, Hanamkonda, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh(91) 870- 2567303

Last Updated on : March 15, 2016

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