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About Hampi Festival

EventHampi Festival
DateJan 9, 2017 to Jan 11, 2017
Main AttractionThe vibrant cultural events and festivities are the main attraction of Hampi Festival.
Overview/HistoryHampi Festival or Vijaya Utsav is one of the most marvellous festivals in Karnataka. It is a cultural extravaganza which is been celebrated since the times of the Vijayanagar reign. The festival is celebrated with full of joy and happiness and the entire ambiance is lively and colourful. The festival is all about dance, music, drama, puppet shows, vibrant processions and fireworks.

The Hampi Festival is a three day festival which is generally celebrated from 3rd to 5th November. But this year, the festival has been scheduled to start from 10 January, 2014 and Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, will be inaugurating the event. The festival has many surprises and eye catching events for all those who are attending this annual cultural extravaganza since time immemorial. People who have a passion for joy, art, dance, music and drama come to this festival from all corners of India and the world.
CelebrationHampi Festival is organized by the Karnataka government to attract people to this magnificent world heritage site. The festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and many programmes and events like dance, music, drama, processions, etc. take place to recreate a grandeur celebration of the bygone era.

Vibrant handicrafts, leather puppets are displayed by traditional craftsmen as they were made in the past generation. Musical instruments like pipes, drums etc are played in throughout the festival. In the streets, decorated horses, elephants and men dressed in the Golden Era military fashion are posted under the red, blue, green, white cloth known as 'Gopuras'. At different venues many vocalists, dancer and artists entertain the guests and tourists. For women the festival presents some nice shopping experience. The Festival also has events like 'Janapada Kalavahini' a concert of folk songs, 'Jumbo Savari' an elephant march, a light and sound show, etc.

Location of Hampi in Karnataka, India

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