Ghaziabad Industries

Ghaziabad Industries are vital to the economy of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is rich in terms of mineral deposits. These natural resources being rightly exploited over the years has not only benefited the state but also the helped India cut down on a huge amount of expenditure.

Some of the Important Industries of Ghaziabad

  • Rathi Ispat Limited: This steel manufacturing plant, founded in 1969, had started giving output a year later in1970. With over four decades of dedicated service, the company has indeed a long way to go. It specializes in the production of cast iron products and hot rolled iron products. The most important step taken by this company was to manufacture TOR steel in collaboration with ISTEQ corporation, Luxemburg.

  • Ghaziabad Ispat Udyog Limited: This steel manufacturing company's reputation is evident from the market return that it has achieved persistently over the years. The company has to its credit, a number of prestigious awards. It is in fact a ISO 9001:2000 company.

  • Aerotech Equipments & Projects Pvt Ltd: If there is one company that has earned itself a steady reputation for quality output and at the same time has discerned to the need of a wide range of industry, then it is this company. It specializes in the manufacture of different kinds of fans, filters, coolers, dampers and such other parts, required by other industries.

    The indigenously manufactured products have found a successful market both at domestic levels as well as in the international market. The steel industries are among the most important of all the Ghaziabad Industries. There are a number of them, which have mushroomed up after independence and over the last few years.

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    Last Updated on 28 September 2012