Real Estate Ghaziabad

Real Estate Ghaziabad has been witnessing a tremendous growth in the past few decades with the emergence of industries and various multi-national companies in this area. The commercial real estate market in Ghaziabad has undergone a huge growth as a result of its developing commercial centers like Raj Nagar District Centre, fourteen flyovers, which are under construction, upcoming retail hubs and connectivity via metro rail.

Real estate Ghaziabad is witnessing a significant growth with more and more multi-national companies, banks, insurance, IT and telecom services opening their branches in Ghaziabad city. The development of commercial properties in Ghaziabad is influencing the real estate market of nearby residential areas like Kavi Nagar and Raj Nagar. At present, a plot of land is sold at Rs.50, 000 per square yard.

The residential real estate market in Ghaziabad is also witnessing a tremendous growth as prices have soared up to great heights in the past few decades. Residential units in Hapur, Indirapuram and Vaishali are sold at Rs.3, 000-4,000 per square feet. Many upcoming real estate projects are coming up in the Ghaziabad city in Uttar Pradesh.

The boom witnessed in the real estate market of Ghaziabad is an obvious one as people are willing to buy property in Ghaziabad, as they cannot afford the high rates in Delhi. Moreover, people also wish to stay away from the noise and bustle of Delhi and as a result most of the people live in Delhi, but stay at Ghaziabad.

Last Updated on 28 September 2012