Ghaziabad Ishpat Ltd

The Ghaziabad Ishpat Ltd was established in the year 1969 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and it became effective in steel manufacturing from the year 1970. Over the four decades, Rathi Ishpat limited has reached an unbelievable height of success. Their claim to fame was with the manufacture of the TOR Steel in association with the TOR ISTEQ Steel Corporation of Luxemburg. The Indian Steel industry was much benefited by this vital step taken by the Ghaziabad Ishpat Ltd. It resulted in the reduction of expenditure on steel consumption in India by 40%. Today, the art of the Ghaziabad Ishpat Ltd is one of the mammoth steel manufacturers in Ghaziabad that is proud of the art of steel making that it has developed over the four decades.

The chief outputs of Ghaziabad Ishpat Ltd

  • Cast Billets or Blooms
  • Heavy Casting
  • Cast Slabs
  • Steel Bars (hot rolled)
  • Steel Flat Bars (hot rolled)
  • Steel Angles (hot rolled)
  • Steel Wire Rods (hot rolled)

    The Steel Production Capacity of Ghaziabad Ishpat Ltd

    • Steel Castings 6,000 TPA
    • Mild Steel Ingots 30,000 TPA
    • Steel Billets of various grades 50,000 TPA
    • Forging Grade Gothic Ingots 60,000 TPA
    • Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel 5,000 TPA
    The Ghaziabad Ishpat Ltd is an example of responsible industry, which cares to adopt environmental friendly projects so as to do away with all possibilities of pollution caused due to steel manufacturer. This apart, it contributes handsomely to social and cultural causes.

    Last Updated on 28 September 2012