Gwalior to Datia

Datia is an ancient town that is situated about 69 kilometers from Gwalior and about 320 kilometers from Bhopal. Weekend tours from Gwalior to Datia are among the most popular weekend getaways from Gwalior.

Some of the tourist attractions that form a major part of tourism at Datia is given below:

  • Gujarra - Gujarra is one of the famous locations in Datia. It is situated about 17 kilometers from Datia. The tourists come across Ashoka's Shilalekh at this site.

  • Seondha - Located about 70 kilometers from Datia, Seondha is connected with an excellent networks of roadways. Soendha houses a number of locations that attracts tourists from across the world. Some of the famous sites at Seondha are Kanhargarh Fort, Nandnandan Temple and Water fall on the river Sindh, Temple of Ratangarh Mata.
    • Sonagiri Temples - King Nanganag Kumar, along with fifteen million followers, is said to have attained salvation at this site. Sonagiri houses a number of Jain shrines. Devotees from the different parts of India come to the Sonagiri temples to pay reverence to the ascetic saints and also to attain redemption.

    • Unao Balaji Sun Temple - This temple dates back to the pre-historic times. The tank situated near the temple is said to contain sacred water which can be used in the treatment of leprosy.

    • Rajgarh Palace and Museum - Rajgarh Palace and Museum is posited near Peetambra-Peeth. The palace was constructed by King Shatrujit Bundela. The museum, housed in the palace, is known for its rare collection of artifacts of geological and cultural importance.
    Besides these locations, tourists can also visit some other locations on an excursion from Gwalior to Datia. Some of the locations that deserve special mention in this context are:
    • Bhander
    • Pancham Kavi Ki Toriya
    • Botanical Garden
    • Udnu Ki Toriya
    • Badoni
    • Govind Palace

    Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012