Gwalior to Narwar

Narwar was the capital of Raja Nal of Naisadha. On a trip from Gwalior to Narwar, tourists can unravel the glorious past of Madhya Pradesh .

Narwar, located about 43 kilometers from Shivpuri, is the headquarters of the district. The tehsil is known for its medieval fortress situated on top of a hill about 500 feet above the sea level. The fort, positioned to the east of Sind River, was constructed by Kuchhwaha Rajputs.

The fort is one of the magnificent forts in Gwalior. The interior of the fort contains four ahatas and dholaahatas. The fort is known for its fluted columns, flat ceilings and beautiful arches. The interiors of the fort boast of intricate detailing, glass beads and bright colors.

Besides, the tourists also come across a number of locations around the fort. Some of the sites that are popular among the tourists coming to Narwar are:
  • Ladu Bangalow
  • Chhip Mahal
  • Makardwaj Tal
  • Jai Stambha
  • Sati monument
  • Jail Kambha
  • Sikander Lodi's Mosque
  • Kacheri Mahal
Narwar is also known for the memorial pillars, which are dedicated to the Tomar chiefs. Thus, it can be said that Narwar offers a wide scope for tourism within the territory. Weekend tours from Gwalior to Narwar unravel the rich past of the territory.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012