Man Mandir Palace

Man Mandir Palace is one of the spectacular palaces in the ancient city of Gwalior. The grandiose and majestic palace is ensconced within the premises of the breathtaking Gwalior Fort, the city's jewel in the crown. The palace was built under the generous patronage of the legendary Raja Mansingh in between 1486 AD and 1517 AD.

Although the palace does not retain its former glory, traces of its grandiose past can still be found. The tiles that were once used to embellish the exteriors are no longer there. The palace walls also portray a spectacular frieze of ducks wading in the waters. The palace rooms are bare and devoid of their glory and bears testimony to the ravages of time. The large rooms that once functioned as music halls for the womenfolk of the royal family stand in a dilapidated condition today. The palace also houses an underground dungeon where prisoners would be held captive during the Mughal era. The dungeons recount a grisly history. In fact, it was here that the former Mughal emperor Aurangzeb has his sibling Murad incarcerated and executed.

The Man Mandir Palace is a testimony to the Rajput culture way back in the medieval era. The Jauhar pond that once sparkled like a jewel in a brass setting served as the burning grounds for the Rajput queens who would commit mass sati here after their kings had been vanquished in battle. Although it has been supposed that the palace was constructed during the 15th century, some regions date further back to the ancient era namely 425 AD.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012