Teli ka Mandir is credited to be the oldest shrine that dots the landscape of the ancient city of Gwalior. The origin of the primordial shrine dates as far back as 8th or 9th century AD when Adivaraha Mihir Bhoj of Kannauj ruled over the dominions of Central India.

The extraordinary temple is ensconced within the premises of the spectacular Gwalior Fort. The temple's architecture, design and layout are rather interesting and depict the consummate skill and expertise of the ancient craftsmen and architects. The temple represents a roundish barrel or a shikhar and presents a stunning sight. There are several surmises and conjectures regarding the construction of the venerable shrine. Some claim that it was constructed under the generous patronage of an oil merchant while others attribute it to a connoisseur of fine arts hailing from South India. But the authenticity of these claims are questionable.

However, the age-old Teli-ka-Mandir that dates back to antiquity remains one of the peerless shrines of Central India that draws myriads of tourists on a tour to Gwalior.

Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012