Gwalior to Orchha

On a journey from Gwalior to Orchha, the tourists can explore the rustic beauty of Madhya Pradesh . Orchha was established by the Bundela Rajput chieftain in the 16th century and was the capital of Rudra Pratap. The city has a lot to say about the dynasties that ruled in the territory.

Orchha possesses a number of locations ranging from historical palaces to temples. Some of the major tourist attractions of Orchaa that deserve special mention in this context are:

  • Rai Parveen Mahal - Rai Parveen Mahal was constructed for Rai Parveen, a poet and musician. The palace is a two-storeyed brick structure that is reminiscent of the beauty of Rai Parveen.

  • Jehangir Mahal - Jehangir Mahal was constructed in the 17th century by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo. The mahal commemorates Jehangir's, a Mughal Emperor, visit to Orchha. The palace is characterized by beautiful trellis work and delicately designed chhatris.

  • Dinman Hardaul's Palace - Hardaul was the son of Bir Singh Ju Deo, who killed himself to prove his innocence. Dinman Hardaul's Palace is built in the memory of prince Hardaul, who is worshipped as a god in Orchha.

    Besides these locations, one can also come across a number of other locations on a tour from Gwalior to Orchha. To name a few:
    • Ram Raja Temple
    • Raj Mahal
    • Laxminarayan Temple
    • Phool Bagh
    • Chaturbhuj Temple
    Orchha is well connected with Gwalior and other cities in Madhya Pradesh. The nearest airport is Gwalior, which is connected with a number of flights to Bhopal, Indore, Delhi and Mumbai. Jhansi is the nearest railhead that allows the passengers to reach Orchha. Jhasi, which falls on Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai line, offers a series of express and mail trains for the conveyance of the tourists. Besides the airways and railways, Orchha provides an excellent network of roadways.

    Last Updated on 16th Oct 2012