How to Reach Karnataka

How to reach Karnataka is one of the common queries of all those who wish to explore the tourism extravaganza of this southern state of India. One of the most progressive industrial zones of India, Karnataka is connected to almost all prime cities of the south as well as India. The sound infrastructure of Roads, Railways and Airways in Karnataka make it a convenient location for tourists coming from different corners of the globe.

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, houses the biggest international Airport of Karnataka. Operating through 70 (approx.) domestic and international Air carriers, the Air terminal of Bangalore links with Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmadabad and Trivandrum. The major Airlines available in the Bangalore Airport include kingfisher Airlines, Air Deccan, Jetstar Asia Airways, British Airways, Air France, Gulf Air, Lufthansa, Royal Nepal airlines, Malaysian airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines and Singapore Airlines. The Devanahalli area of Bangalore is expecting a new Airport in its vicinity which will give a run even to the best of international air terminals.

The state of Karnataka is blessed with a proper and well-maintained network of Roadways. The place is known to possess a total of 1, 22, 489 km of Road area. While there is 2357 km of National Highways, the state highways extend to 28, 311 km. The districts of Karnataka are interlinked with 2090 km of Roadways.

The prime Railway junction of Karnataka is found in Bangalore from where trains are available for all other major cities of the state. The districts of Karnataka are well-equipped with a wide network of Railway tracks.

Collectively the entire transportation infrastructure of Karnataka provides a readymade and effective answer to the question of How to reach.

Air Network

The name of Bangalore tops the list of Air transportation in Karnataka. Having one of the best Air terminals of the state, the city boasts of both domestic and international Air counters. With around 70 Air carriers that fly to various parts of India and abroad, Bangalore is the base of many reputed Airways. From kingfisher Airlines, Air Deccan, Jetstar Asia Airways and British Airways to Air France, Gulf Air, Lufthansa, Royal Nepal airlines, Malaysian airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines and Singapore, Bangalore Airport offers the best of Air travel services to its visitors. The Airport is managed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
Further plans of a highly improved version of international Airport at Devanahalli near Bangalore have been proposed by the governing bodies of the city.
Apart from Bangalore, the state of Karnataka has Air terminals in its several other districts and cities. Some of the places where the Airways facility is available are: Mangalore international Airport Bellary Airport Belgaum Airport Hubli Airport Hampi Airport The apt blend of convenient location and optimum fares make the Airways of Karnataka an inevitable transportation choice of all the inhabitants as well as the travelers of the place.


Providing a widespread network of Railways facility, Karnataka provides a well-connected series of trains that links the state with all the other cities of India.
Covering a total track area of more than 3000 sq km, the Railways of the state boasts of optimum comfortability. Managed by the Southern Railway headquarters, some parts of Karnataka's Railways today come under the south Western Railway division too.
The prime Railways landmark of the state lies in Bangalore. Being connected to Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mysore and Mumbai, the Railhead in this city offers maximum number of trains everyday. Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi links Bangalore to Chennai, Mysore and Hubli, respectively.
The Konkan Railways serves the transportation needs of those who inhabit in the coastal region of Karnataka. The Sharavathi Bridge at Hanovar and the Karwar Tunnel are the two awesome engineering wonders delivered by the Konkan Railway division.
From standard fares and comfortable sitting/sleeping arrangements to fairly normal pace and quality lunch and dinner packs, the Railways authority of Karnataka keeps a close watch on every single aspect of Rail travel that may become crucial in increasing the revenue of the respective department.
Tourists, who come to explore the rustic nuances of Karnataka, frequently travel by the trains offered by the Railways of the state. Time and again, in order to offer them best of the traveling facilities, the governing body of Karnataka Railways upgrades its different operational wings.
Covering almost all the areas of the state, Railways in Karnataka fulfills its promise of a safe and secure sojourn to urban and rural corners with equal ease.


The strategically located Roadways of Karnataka enhances the operational efficiency of the state. Connecting the various districts and cities, the Road infrastructure of the place plays a key role in fast and effective transportation of good and services to far flung areas.
Encouraging the economic credibility of Karnataka, the Roadways present a well-built platform of National, state and district Highways.