Industries in Kota

The wide range of industries in Kota form the backbone of the economy of the region. Rich in mineral resources and coupled with the vast population of skilled and unskilled manpower has enabled the region of Kota to progress in leaps and bounds. Kota region houses several traditional indigenous industries, thermal power plants, engineering companies and fertilizer industries that adds to the glory of Rajasthan.

Endowed with a favorable climate and suitable stretch of land, Kota has attracted several investors who established their plants in and around the city. An important commercial and industrial nerve center of the state of Rajasthan, the city is the life line for most of the local population who earn their living from the numerous industries of Kota.

One of the traditional industries of the region, Kota Doria saris are known for the fine quality and exclusive design patterns that has an internationally acclaimed status. The locally available Kota stone is used for a variety of purpose and earns large revenue for the state. The well known NTPC and Kota Super Thermal Power Plant generate and supply electricity to almost the entire state of Rajasthan as also to the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh. The industry of Chambal Fertilizers of Kota is known for producing good quality fertilizers that would help to enhance the agricultural production of the state.

The several industries in Kota have maintained a harmonious balance between the traditional handicrafts and the modern technological innovations that has helped in the rapid progress of Rajasthan. While adopting new values and techniques from the world of science, the local inhabitants of Kota have not forgotten their indigenous art and craft, and have thus enabled the state to strengthen its economy.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011