Kota Doria

An integral part of the traditional art and craft of Rajasthan, the exquisitely designed Kota Doria Saris reflect the artistic skill and creative imagination of the local craftsmen of the region. Kota Doria saris form a prominent part of the numerous industries in Kota.

Spun out of fine quality fabrics, Kota Doria Saris are popularly called Khat in common parlance. The delicately designed Kota Doria usually follow a checkquered patterned design that imparts a unique look to the Saris. The attractive color combinations and the exclusive designs on the Kota Saris makes them one of the most sought after handicraft items of the state of Rajasthan.

The exclusive range of Kota Doria Saris have an acclaimed international status as well. Any tourist who visits the state, makes it a pertinent point to purchase the hand woven Kota Doria as a relic of the indigenous art and craft of Rajasthan. The delicate Kota Doria are beautifully desingned with the traditional patterns of hand block printing, tie and dye, chiknar work, thread embroidery and applique work.

Kota Doria represent the artistic instincts of the indigenous local inhabitants of the region of Kota. Exclusive to the city, Kota Doria require special skills coupled with an idea of color combination to deliver an aesthetic look to the saris.

Usually worn on special festive occasions, Kota Doria bears resemblance to the rich innovative artistry of the ancient times that has percolated to the modern era. Unaltered and unaffected by rapid industrialization, the traditional art of weaving Kota Doria has become synonymous with the rich traditional handicraft items of the region.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011