Kota Stone

Unique to the region of Kota, the exclusive range of Kota stone is easily available in the natural surroundings. Made up of limestone, Kota stones are usually preferred for interior decoration of an apartment. The brightly colored stone slabs of Kota have a huge demand within and outside the state as well.

The naturally available stones of Kota bear a different blend of shades that makes them look very attractive and colorful. The Kota stones are used for cladding of the walls, decorating the floors, and in many other ways to beautifully decorate a house. The use of the multicolored Kota stones add to the grace of the apartment.

The local inhabitants of Rajasthan prefer to use the stones from Kota as it makes the interior of the house very cool and keeps away the warmth. The durability and excellent quality of the Kota stone makes it one of the prominent industries in Kota.

The industry of Kota stone has helped the state to earn a large chunk of revenue. An important source of earning livelihood for the local inhabitants of Kota, the industry draws several employees from outside Rajasthan as well. The stones are cut into proper shapes and sizes by the employees of the stone industry. After that the huge slabs of limestone are sprayed with chemicals to increase their durability and add to their brightness.

One of the traditional industries of the region, Kota stone has earned a unique place in the stone industries because of its quality, reliability and natural blend of colors that impart a heavenly look to the interior of a house.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011