Agro Engineers Kota

Kota is a sprawling city of Rajashthan that basks prettily on the banks of the Chambal River. The city's architecture is a pleasant blend of the majestic palaces and rampart forts that ooze oodles of old world charm as well as the tall industrial powerhouses that dominate the city's skyline. Amongst the various industrial enterprises of Kota, Agro Engineers, Kota deserves special mention.

Agro Engineers, Kota is an ISO 9001:2000 certified enterprise that opened doors in the year 1969. The organization's key to success rests in its top notch infrastructure, state of the art technology, emphasis on quality control, innovative marketing strategies as well as the importance it lays on customer satisfaction. The company primarily deals with the manufacture of Pinions, Spur, Worm Gears, Chain Sprockets, Worm Gear Box, Helical Gear Box, Right Angle Gear Box, Motorized Gear Boxes, Helical Gear Boxes, Helical, Bevel and Racks.

In the year 1999, the organization received its first breakthrough, an export order for the production and supply of a consignment of racks and pinions, of very high accuracy that would be imported to a firm in Ireland. Today however, the company has spread its wings and conducts business transactions withItaly, France, Germany, Ireland, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Trinidad, Zambia and Malaysia.

Agro Engineers, Kota has an extensive supply chain network of manufacturer, wholesalers and retailers of raw materials and consumables as well a giant chain of dealers, stockists and distributors of industrial goods.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011