Instrumentation Limited Kota

The sprawling Kota city sited in Rajasthan and lying along the banks of the Chambal River is the forerunner of industrial enterprises in the west Indian state. Be it chemical or fertilizer plants or oil refineries or agro-based industries, Kota is opulent in it all. Instrumentation Limited, Kota (IL) is one of the leading industries of the country.

Established in the year 1964, Instrumentation Limited is exclusively a Government Of India Enterprise that was set up with the sole objective of achieving autonomy in the Control and Automation of process industries. Currently, the company has expanded to dizzying heights and is a vanguard of manufacturing as well as supplying an assortment of hi tech paraphernalia to oil, gas, power, steel, fertilizers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, refineries, textiles, cement, paper and petrochemical industries.

The excellent quality control practices and tremendous customer satisfaction of Instrumentation Limited, Kota have yielded fruit. The company is certified to be an ISO 9000 organization. The decades of experience and expertise have made Instrumentation Limited an avant-garde of modern control systems. Starting from the inception stages of project planning and system design, engineering, development, manufacturing followed by unit as well as integration testing, installation as well as maintenance, after sales service to extensive customer training, Instrumentation Limitation is a master of it all.

The monumental growth, progress and development witnessed by the company in recent years has resulted the company's widespread expansion. The diversification involves expanding to the fields of Telecommunications, Power electronics, Computer based applications, Defence electronics and Railway Signaling systems.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011