Kottayam Economy

Kottayam economy depends on agriculture and the different types of industries that have grown up in the city and in its surrounding regions, over the years. The rubber industries have played an important role so far as the economic growth of Kottayam is concerned. Although the Kottayam economy largely depends on its thriving rubber industry and spice exports, other sectors also contribute to the growth and sustenance of the economy of Kottayam.

The agriculture sector also plays an important role in the Kottayam economy. Annual crops such as pineapple and plantain as well as seasonal crops such as tubers and ginger are grown on a large scale. Vegetables are also widely grown in Kottayam and its neighboring regions. Perennial crops, for example, jack fruit and mango are also produced in Kottayam and its neighborhood areas.

Rubber is the most important raw material of Kottayam and this has led to the growth of a flourishing rubber industry. Kottayam economy in a way, thrives on the rubber industry and the value of rubber produced in this region runs in crore. The rubber industry also provides large scale employment to the people of Kottayam. The Rubber Research Institute of India and the Rubber Board are both located in the city of Kottayam. The rubber footwear making cluster is present in Kottayam and adequate measures are also being taken to ensure a fair customer relationship. One of the chief problems, however, which is faced by the rubber footwear industries in Kottayam, is the lack of effective innovation in the area of production and the absence of diversification efforts.

Other than the rubber production, the economy of Kottayam is also largely benefited by the production and export of different varieties of spices. Kerala is one of the major exporters of spices and much of its spices come from Kottayam. Good revenues are earned by the Kottayam economy by the export of spices. Mainly different kinds of pepper are grown in Kottayam, along with turmeric, cardamom, chili and others. Some of the important spice exporters of Kottayam are Enjayes Spices & Chemical Oils Ltd., Asian Spices and Mount Sahiya.

Some other important sectors that contribute to the Kottayam economy are the housing sectors, public health division, engineering, food products, fisheries, forestry and the animal husbandry. The headquarters of the Forest Development Corporation is located at Kottayam. Another important area of revenue generation is the housing industry, which has its administrative office and the production center located at a distance of 6 km from the city of Kottayam. The public health division also takes care of the Kottayam economy to a large extent and the Kottayam Medical Hospital is situated in the city. There is also a Cancer Care Center in the city of Kottayam, which is equipped with many modern state-of-the-art facilities that are required for the treatment of the deadly disease.

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Last Updated on 09/05/2013