Cheriyapally is one of the famous tourist attractions of Kottayam. Being one of the oldest churches situated in the state of Kerala, Cheriyapally is immensely popular among all kinds of visitors.

Tourists from all over the world find this religious monument fascinating and attractive. According to the history of Cheriyapally, it was constructed as well as consecrated in the year 1579, by the Portuguese settlers. Some people also think that Thekkumkur Maharaja built this holy place of worship. Although it was constructed several centuries ago, it has been well preserved and kept in good condition till date. Time has not been able to take away its original charm and grandeur.

Originally the church was named St. Mary's Church, but people refer to it as Cheriyapally, which literally means 'small church'. Cheriyapally in Kottayam is well known not only for its historical and religious significance but also for its breathtaking beauty.

The architecture of Cheriyapally is very European in style, which is evident from the extensive use of structures such as pillars, pediments, cornices and galleries. The most striking feature of Cheriyapally is the design on the walls of the church. The walls are decorated with exquisite murals displaying themes that are both biblical as well as non biblical. They are painted in the styles of the west and the orient.

Cheriyapally or St. Mary's Church is a must visit destination for the tourists visiting the picturesque city of Kottayam.

Last Updated on 05 May 2011