Lucknow Real Estate

Lucknow Real Estate offers lucrative returns for the investor. Lucknow Real Estate also has value for the property buyer who wish to live in Lucknow.

Lucknow is an ancient city dating back to the Mughal era. Lucknow is also the administrative capital of India's largest state- Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow real estate shows great potential as India's economy grows from strength to strength.

Lucknow Real Estate benefits from the low interest rates with respect to purchase of property initiated by the Indian government. For strategic investors, Lucknow Real Estate gives an astonishing and lucrative return of 20 percent per year. It is no co-incidence that a lot of Non Resident Indians (NRI's) are investing in Lucknow real estate.

Most of the NRIs investing in Lucknow real estate are the state diaspora. The sons of the state of Uttar Pradesh are literally attracted by the lure of the land.

Lucknow real estate is flourishing thanks to flexible lending rates initiated by the banks with support from the central government. Improved infrastructure in Lucknow city has also catalyzed the boom in real estate. Residential demand is maximum and spread all over Lucknow city and it is not confined to particular areas of the town.

The need for security has prompted residential property buyers to make a marked preference for apartments rather than independent houses. The perception is that apartments are less prone to illegal property grabbing. The capital value of the land may exceed Rs.2000 per square foot depending on the location and proximity to landmark areas.

All realty roads lead to Lucknow!

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Last Updated on : 30/08/2013