Weather of Lucknow

This page informs us about the weather in Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh which experiences a typical subtropical climate with hot Summers and chill dry winter. With a great variation of seasonal temperature the people of Lucknow enjoy three main seasons such as summers, winters and monsoons. Situated in the upper gangetic plains of India the weather of Lucknow experiences humid climate because of its location in the sub tropical region.

Lucknow experiences summer from April to June. The temperature in the summer months rises to about 48 °C (118.4 °F) and the climate becomes very hot and scorching. Hot dry winds generally called loo blow in the summer months from April to June making the season unbearable.

The weather in Lucknow experience seasonal monsoon. Monsoon sets in the month of July with the arrival of South-westerly monsoon winds and lasts till September. Lucknow receives 101 cm of rainfall annually during these months.

Weather of Lucknow during the winters are chilly. The winters start from October and lasts till February. The winter season is comparatively pleasant with the average temperature revolving around 11°C. It is the best time to visit this historic city. At times the mercury drops to about 5 °C making the weather very chilly. Fog is the common phenomenon of Winter in Lucknow. Dry icy continental winds sometimes blow through the city bringing in 'freezing cold spell' that is enough for the people to tremble with cold. Woolen clothing are the most essential during winters. Nights becomes cooler then that the daytime with the drop of temperature.

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