Apartments in Lucknow

Lucknow Apartments have an enviable reputation for excellent quality. Lucknow Apartments also makes a great alternative investment option.

Lucknow apartments are classified by the number of bedrooms in an individual apartment. An apartment is an independent housing unit that occupies a part of the residential building. The smallest apartment in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh consists of one bedroom.

The bigger Lucknow Apartments consist of two, three or more bedrooms. The bedroom is separate from the rest of the apartment irrespective of the size of the apartment. Small Lucknow Apartments have only one entrance or exit. The bigger Lucknow apartments have a separate service entrance or exit for maids and other household helps. In premium Lucknow residential complexes, laundry facilities are available.

Lucknow Apartments can either be owned or rented by the tenant. Parking space are de-riguer for upscale premium, cream Lucknow apartments.

Lucknow apartments are brought in preference over a comparable plot of land or bungalow. The preference is marked; the primary reason for such a bias towards apartments is the constant fear of land grabbing in Lucknow city. Lucknow apartments are in demand for its perceived security. A decent Lucknow Apartment comes with a price tag of approximately 25 lakh Indian Rupees.

A significant buyer of Lucknow apartments are Non Resident Indians (NRI). NRI's buy with money earned by them in foreign lands and which is repatriated to India from foreign shores. A bulk of NRI investments in Lucknow apartments comes from the Gulf countries. The Non Resident Indians who invest in Lucknow apartments do so in the fond hope of spending their post retirement life in Lucknow.

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Last Updated on : 30/08/2013