Raj Rasoi

Raj Rasoi is one of the most admired restaurants in the all time hit tourist destination, Manali. It is a purely vegetarian restaurant and serves extremely delicious food. The local people as well as the tourists flock to the restaurant of Raj Rasoi to grab some of the lip-smacking vegetarian food.

The eatery is a boon for all those people who are snack food lovers. The chef's special fast food menu is sure to impress all those who have a special passion and longing for that spicy and tangy taste.

The famous fast food bistro in Manali, Raj Rasoi, presents a large number of lip smacking fast food preparations like:

  • Burgers- a large variety
  • Pizzas- a large variety
  • Choc√≥ dip
  • Two in one American Softy
  • Three in one American Softy
  • And many other snacks

Apart from the wide range of delicious snacks, the restaurant Raj Rasoi also serves a wide array of various cuisines that also sometimes comes in a package of special Thali system like:
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Punjabi
  • South Indian
  • Gujarati, and even
  • Jain Cuisine
Among these the Gujarati Thali and Punjabi Thali are very popular.

The restaurant maintains some hygienic rules to ensure that it serves healthy food to the customers. The eatery also provides a vast range of facilities to the customers to satisfy their every need. These services are as follows:
  • One of the main mottos of the restaurant is to serve food with a smiling face
  • To eat and serve vegetarian food
  • To serve fresh, hygienically made healthy Food
  • Wonderful Packing Facility
  • Neat and Tidy environment
  • Urge to satisfy the customers to the fullest
  • It is a member of the Hotels & Restaurants Union
Raj Rasoi
Mall Road,
District Kullu,
Himachal Pradesh-175131,

Last Updated on 14 June 2011