Zing Zing Bar and Restaurant

Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant of Manali is known for its exclusive culinary extravaganza. Situated in an easily accessible area of Manali, Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant serves an enlivening series of hard drinks and cocktails. People coming from outside Manali as well as those living in the place frequent the Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant more often than not.

Specially popular for its invigorating bar section, the restaurant possesses a stock of liquors such as beer, scotch, gin, rum, wine and whisky, among many others. For those who want to go for some exciting cocktails, Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant has the arrangements of a range of appetizing drinks too. People are often seen enjoying their drinks sitting on the rooftop of the restaurant which has a well ventilated space.

The dining division of Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant in Manali is another appealing place which dishes out a variety of mouth-watering palates. Indian and Chinese delicacies are offered to the diners in the Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant all of which are prepared by following strict hygienic norms.

Apart from the bar and dining arena, the restaurant also possess an amusement park. Referred as Water Fun World, the park is always buzzing with kids who visit the place with their parents.

The chefs of Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant have a repute of their own in Manali since they are deft in preparing multi-cuisine delectables. The staffs of Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant are also quite cordial in nature.

There is no doubt that the entire environment of Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant in Manali enriches the dining experience.

Last Updated on 14 June 2011