South Goa District Map

South Goa District Map

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*South Goa district map showing south Goa district head quarter, important towns, cities, roads, railways, hotels, beaches and other tourist locations. Disclaimer

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North Goa District Map South Goa District Map
North Goa District MapSouth Goa District Map

Goa state has two districts namely North Goa - headquarter at Panaji - and South Goa - headquarter at Margao.

South Goa District covers the entire southern part of the state of Goa. From north to south and from east to west the district spans a distance of 86 kms and 40 kms respectively.

Goa is a part of Konkan area. Goa has hills, low and highland areas. Geographically Goa has mainly three natural divisions namely the Low lands, the Plateaus and the Mountain region. The low-lands span about 110 km, and mainly consist of beaches along the coastal area. This area is thickly populated. The plateau region mostly consists of laterite stone, and so is not beneficial for agriculture. However, the stones are used for building houses. Some of the part of plateau land is called headland of Goa. Light houses are built on these healdlands. The Sahyadri Mountains lie to the east of South Goa. It is covered with dense forest. Some of the renouned peaks in the South Goa are Chandranath at Paroda, Dudhsagan in Sanguem taluka and Cormolghant in Canacona taluka.

The rivers flowing in South Goa are Zuari, Talpona, Sal and Galgibag. Rivers are used for transporation. Inland waterways play an important role in transport of minreal ores from the mining sites in Sanguem taluka such as Costi, Kirpal, Netravalim, Rivona, Ducorcond and Kuddegal to the Mormugao harbour for export. South Goa is rich in natural resources like trees, iron and manganese ore. It is exported mainly to Japan, South Korea and some European countires.

Rice is the most important crop that is grown here due to the warm humid climate. Rice cultivation happens mostly near the coastal regions. After rainy season, rice, chillies and onions are grown in South Goa. Cash crops, mainly cashew, coconut, mangoes, areca palm, kokum and jackfruit are also grown.

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Last Updated on : 8/06/2013