Christmas in Goa

Christmas in Goa is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Like all the other parts of the world, Christmas in Goa is celebrated on 25th December. The day marks the birth of Lord Jesus. The festival is marked with a lot of merrymaking and revelry. People from all the communities in Goa join hands to celebrate the festival. Moreover, Goa Christmas celebrations begin with the singing of Christmas carols, which is followed by offering prayers in the church and exchanging gifts.

Dancing and parties form an inevitable part of Christmas in Goa. During the festival, the people of the city dress themselves in the finest of their clothes. People decorate their houses with Christmas trees. The Christmas trees are decorated with beautiful items such as candies, sparkling stars, cotton flakes, cakes, socks, gifts and a number of other decorative items. During the Christmas, the Goans decorate their houses with colorful papers and poinsettias. Even the churches are decorate for the occasion. The market places in the city are also decorated with tinsel and buntings.

It is remarkable that the celebration of Christmas in Goa is not restricted only to the Christians. People belonging to various communities participate in the festival with immense enthusiasm. In fact, every of the city seems to come alive with the festivities. The beaches in Goa forms the center of the festivities during this time. Loud music, dance and revelry, clubbed with sumptuous dishes mark the festivities of Christmas in Goa.

Christmas Celebrations and Decorations in Goa

Christmas in Goa celebrations include exchanging gifts and offering prayers. The nativity scene is evoked by creating clay statues and artifacts made up of millet grass, box board and hay. Creating clay statues form an important part of the Christmas festival and it is reminiscent of the birth of Jesus in the stable of Bethlehem.

The celebrations of Christmas at Goa begin in the evening of 24th December. The festivities begin with decorating the Christmas tree. Decorating the Christmas tree form an integral part of the Christmas celebrations in Goa, which begins on the day before the Christmas. On the eve of 24th December, the people of Goa decorate Christmas tress with many decorative items including socks, candies, stars, bells, gifts and many small figures of animals and birds. However, the actual celebration begins on the eve of 25th December, which is marked by loud music and dancing. Dancing, pealing of church bells and fireworks form an intrinsic part of the Christmas Day celebrations in Goa. Feasts also form an important part of the Christmas celebrations. On the Christmas day, the Christians organize special feasts. The sumptuous foods and beverages characterize the Christmas celebrations in Goa.

Moreover, family reunions and partying also include the celebrations of Christmas. On the Christmas Eve, many families observe Midnight Mass. The Midnight Mass commemorates the birth of Jesus at midnight. Therefore, the people of Goa sing Christmas carols and hymns during the midnight. The Midnight Mass in Goa is characterized by the sounding of bells and lighting candles.

Decorating the house with Christmas tree forms an important feature of the Christmas celebrations in Goa. On the eve prior to the Christmas, the Christmas tree is decorated with a number of geometrical figures, paper cuttings, small figurines of birds, squirrels, lambs and horses, moons, stars and bells. The people of Goa also use beautiful gifts and colorful socks to decorate the tree. Different types of fruits are also used to adorn the Christmas tree on this occasion.

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